Crisis Communications, Corporate Speaking Engagements, and Training

Corporate Speaking

As an experienced speaker, author, and presenter, Daniel draws upon his career experience to tailor presentations for a wide variety of audiences. Most commonly addressing business and leadership development groups, Dan speaks to the importance of deliberative pre-planning, as well as making mid-course corrections when necessary, to instill an effective risk-management culture within an organization.

Daniel’s latest book – An Alaska Flyfisher’s Odyssey: Seeking a Life of Drag-Free Drift in the Land of the Midnight Sun is somewhat deceptively disguised as a “fishing book.” In actuality, the central analogy of “drag-free drift” merely borrows from the concept in fly fishing, where one’s line is mended as necessary to facilitate the fly’s natural flow with the current, free from disruptive or manipulative forces.

Addressing the need to frequently “mend one’s line” to navigate the challenges inherent in both business and personal relationships, Daniel’s message translates to a wide range of circumstances. Further, his delivery is assured to be a welcome change from the standard, bone-dry fare often served up at training events. Dan’s presentations are particularly well-suited for business conferences, in – service training events, and corporate retreats – paticularly those held at fishing – related venues! Scan the QR Code to book Daniel Hoffman through the All American Speakers Bureau, or visit Daniels speaker – profile at:

Crisis Communications

When you suddenly find yourself amidst an emergency situation, that’s not an optimal time to try and start learning basic communications platforms and strategies. From an internal perspective, your employees and their family members need to know what’s going on, and to stay informed. From an external perspective, key stakeholders need to know what has happened, and what you’re doing to effectively respond to the situation. From a reputational perspective, you have one chance to demonstrate your organizational competence, or – if communications are mishandled – potentially ruin your company’s reputation for years to come.

Having trained at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, (graduating from their Law Enforcement Executive’s PIO/Media Curriculum) and having served as a public-agency chief dealing with community emergencies and crisis situations, let Hoffman Consulting assist your organization’s management and administration with the following:

  • Formulation of pre-event communication templates, key-messaging planners, and press-conference preparation guides;
  • Current (in-progress) event formulation of media strategy and information-release, with an emphasis on liability review;
  • Post-event formulation of ongoing media strategy, with an emphasis on reputational maintenance.

Communicatons, Materials Review, And Training

At Hoffman Consulting, the majority of our service-delivery lies in the formulation and delivery of up-to-date Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s) and Crisis Management Plans, (CMP’s) for your business or organization, both of which are explained in detail on the preceding pages. However, we are happy to offer additional services in the following areas:

Materials Review

If you’ve been fortunate enough to work with progressive managers and administrators, or perhaps “inherited” an enterprise where emergency-planning had been thoughtfully incorporated into past & existing operations, you may not need an exceptional amount of assistance in bringing your emergency and crisis-management materials up-to-date.
However, if you would like an experienced “additional set of eyes” to simply review your current plans, procedures, and associated documents, ensuring that your processes meet current best-practice standards, Hoffman Consulting would be happy to help! We’ll review your current materials and systems, conducting a “gap-analysis” to ensure that any significant areas & issues haven’t been overlooked, and we’ll provide a list of written recommendations and/or suggested enhancements for your consideration.


At Hoffman Consulting, we’ll endeavor to supply your business or organization with the best possible plan-documents, resource-materials, and activation frameworks to facilitate the effective management of any potential emergency or ongoing crisis-management situation. In doing so, we’ll also let you know where you can satisfy any associated training needs through your own in-house resources, local area providers, or low-cost (and sometimes even free!) internet-based solutions.
That being said, there are times where you may feel more comfortable in working directly with us to train your managers and employers in the materials and processes that we’ve worked to collaboratively develop. If that’s the case, we’re ready to deliver! At Hoffman Consulting, we are experienced and prepared to conduct engaging training in the following areas:
  • File organization, management, and ongoing maintenance/upkeep of your site’s emergency management library of plan-folders and associated resource documents;
  • Basic orientation of NIMS/ICS protocols and procedures, and how they can be modified and adapted for use in any private business or organization;
  • Planning of emergency drills and training exercises, to include the formulation of written “multi-stage” documents for each phase of a planned exercise;
  • Onsite facilitation of training events, from time-compressed “table-top” exercises, through hybrid (partial resource activation) drills, and all the way up to full-activation, real-time simulations;
  • Crisis Communications, preparing your designated representative(s) to manage and deliver information professionally, with an emphasis on effective communication, liability avoidance, and reputational enhancement and maintenance;
  • Principles of risk assessment, and how managers can use quantified ranking information to make budgeting decisions regarding risk mitigation.
If you feel your business or organization could benefit from training in any of these areas, please contact us!
Does your business meet the current OSHA Emergency Plan Standard?