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Does your enterprise currently meet the OSHA Emergency Action Plan Standard?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates under 29 CFR 1910.38 (a) that employers maintain an emergency action plan, (EAP) keeping a written copy at the workplace available to employees for review. A link to the complete OSHA standard as follows: 

As a responsible business owner, a few questions that you should consider:

  • Do you have 10 or more employees working at your business?
  • Do you have fire extinguishers staged appropriately, and have your employees been properly trained and prepared for fire response and evacuation?
  • Are your employees trained and prepared to deal with other types of potential emergencies at your workplace?
If you cannot confidently answer these questions, please consider working with us to prepare simple, effective plans for your workplace that will increase your overall safety-profile, as well as meeting all pertinent regulatory requirements.

Risk Assesment & Emergency Action Plans

The foundation of any responsible risk-management strategy for one’s business or organization lies first and foremost in the recognition of risks, followed by the thoughtful preparation of clear and organized response plans, should any of those risks manifest themselves in an emergency event.

Crisis Management Plans

We set a distinction between initial emergency response efforts, versus the follow-up and potentially sustained actions that need to be implemented following an initial event. These sustained actions constitute the long-term crisis management response.

Communications & Training

The majority of our service-delivery lies in the formulation and delivery of EAP’s and CMP’s. However, We are happy to offer additional services in crisis communications, materials review, and training.

Fishing Consulting & Guiding

If you’re planning a trip to Alaska and want to include fishing in your itinerary, Daniel is the guy to field your questions.  Providing complimentary email response and trip-planning suggestions, Dan welcomes the opportunity to talk fishing with prospective visitors. A link to Daniel’s latest book: An Alaska Flyfisher’s Odyssey, can be found on the following page