About Us

Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, Hoffman Consulting provides customized emergency planning and preparedness services for businesses and organizations throughout North America, as well as serving as a speaker for business and leadership development events.
Founder and Principal Daniel Hoffman received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Alaska, graduating with a Master of Arts in Justice and Public Administration while serving as Chief of Police for the City of Fairbanks. Following his retirement from a 20-year law enforcement career in 2009, Daniel entered the world of industrial risk management, and emergency planning, serving for over a decade as the Risk Management and Security Supervisor for Alaska’s Pogo Gold Mine through the successive ownership of three international companies: Canada’s Teck Resources, Japan’s Sumitomo Metal Mining, and Australia’s Northern Star Resources.
Throughout his administrative tenure at FPD, Daniel authored and implemented much of the department’s high-liability policy and procedure. As Chief of Police, extensive pre-planning for all categories of potential emergencies was always at the forefront of operations. Extensive interagency cooperation and stakeholder involvement, coupled with strong public communication and engagement, marked the standards by which Chief Hoffman operated.
Similarly, during his 11-year tenure at Pogo Mine, Daniel drafted all of the documents and associated policies & procedures encompassing Pogo’s comprehensive Crisis Management Manual, developing a library of detailed, scenario-specific response plans designed to address all categories of incidents posing significant hazards to the site’s personnel and property. Additionally, Daniel worked with the site’s major insurers to develop solid contingency plans addressing the replacement of critical-spares, ensuring the maintenance of supply-chains and minimizing potential periods of significant business interruption.
Now serving as a private consultant, Daniel brings his 31 years of emergency response and risk management experience to bear on behalf of his clients. Gathering business and site-specific information in collaborative fashion with employees, owners, and managers, Hoffman Consulting works to draft and provide useful and up-to-date emergency response plans for all types of properties businesses and organizations. Trained and certified in NIMS/ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, and 800 management protocols, ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards, and APSC General Methods of Instruction, (MOI). Hoffman Consulting can provide the knowledgeable and experienced feedback necessary for your organization to formulate meaningful emergency-response procedures and documents.
Daniel’s wealth of experience can be accessed through speaking engagements as well, where attendees at corporate retreats or in-service training events will find his messaging to be both meaningful and memorable. As an experienced author and presenter, Daniel can draw upon his career experience to tailor a presentation for a wide variety of audiences. Most commonly addressing business and leadership development groups, Dan speaks to the importance of deliberative pre-planning, as well as making mid-course corrections when necessary, to instill an effective risk-management culture within an organization.
One of Daniel’s latest project entailed the formulation of a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan for the Puyallup Tribe of Indians’ Emerald Queen Hotel & Casino in Tacoma Washington, coupled with a follow-up framework for extended crisis-management operations. If you think that your business or organization could benefit from this type of planning and preparedness, please contact us!