Encountering an unforeseen event can be a real bear…

In today’s world, there are many existing and developing hazards that can pose serious threats to your employees, business, or organization. At Hoffman Consulting, we firmly believe that the time to prepare for these threats is before they appear on the horizon, not when you suddenly find yourself dealing with a surprise hazard.

With over thirty years of experience in public and private sector emergency response, risk assessment and mitigation, and crisis management planning and communications, we are ready to help you develop the site-specific emergency response plans and resource guides necessary to optimize the safety and resiliency of your organization.

Risk Assessment & Emergency Action Plans

The foundation of any responsible risk-management strategy for one’s business or organization lies first and foremost in the recognition of risks, followed by the thoughtful preparation of clear and organized response plans, should any of those risks manifest themselves in an emergency event.

Crisis Management

We set a distinction between initial emergency response efforts, versus the follow-up and potentially sustained actions that need to be implemented after an initial event. These sustained actions constitute the long-term crisis management response.

Crisis Communications, Corporate Speaking Engagements, and Training:

Hoffman consulting offers additional services in crisis communications, materials review, and training. Moreover, Daniel can be scheduled to speak at your next leadership development event or business training seminar, emphasizing the value of building deliberative risk-management processes into your company’s culture.

Ideal for fishing-based corporate retreats, presentations are often framed through the “fly-fisherman’s perspective,” drawing lessons from Daniel’s latest book: An Alaska Flyfisher’s Odyssey: Seeking a Life of Drag-Free Drift in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

About Us

Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, Hoffman Consulting provides customized emergency planning and preparedness services for businesses and organizations throughout North America. Founder and Principal Daniel Hoffman received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Alaska, graduating with a Master of Arts in Justice and Public Administration while serving as Chief of Police for the City of Fairbanks. Following his retirement from a 20-year law enforcement career in 2009, Daniel entered the world of industrial risk management and emergency planning, serving for over a decade as the Risk Management and Security Supervisor for Alaska’s Pogo Mine through the successive ownership of three international companies: Canada’s Teck Resources, Japan’s Sumitomo Metal Mining, and Australia’s Northern Star Resources.